About Us

Nuovo Formula Consultants (NFC) is a company fully dedicated to provide professional services in the area of Business Intelligence (BI). Our mission is to become the leading provider of high quality services within our sector of the industry.

We are providing services to Shell International, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics, BE Semiconductor Industries (BESI), Global Automotive and other major companies. Amongst others this is a direct consequence of our recruitment policy. We require an academic degree or equivalent in combination with a proven track record of a least five years in our main business.

Our customers have selected NFC for its vision on intelligence. First, we are bringing innovation to your company. Innovation that you need to respond even more agile to opportunities and threats. We help you to increase your market share and selectively reduce costs or allocate resources more effectively.

Second, we make things happen. We are not bothering you with impressive presentations, compelling designs and legal agreements. We come, we see and we create the solution needed to run your business. We do this with you, and not for you. Collaborating with NFC is an exciting journey, both for you and us.

Third, we are not making you depending on us. We rather have you promoting us at your relations, than keeping you on a maintenance leach. We do this, by making sure that know-how is transferred from us to you and letting you in control of the newly developed solution.

Fourth – and this is what makes us truly unique – is our vision on execution of activities. Traditionally, customer and supplier are both spending considerable efforts to avoid what both sides fear most: a failed project. The customer requires the project to stay on budget and to meet expectations. The supplier requires the project to stay within time & material limits to make the necessary profits. To do so, the supplier expects the customer to have a clear picture of requirements before a project starts. Not surprisingly, this will prove to be extremely difficult. The customer will therefore rely on the expertise of the supplier. And here is where it goes down hill: the customer will get what the supplier believes the customer wants. We truly believe that these type of projects are to be executed not as fixed-price, but as time & material within the framework of a budget. By eliminating the risk margin present in any fixed-price project, there will be up to 50% more budget available to dedicate to the project.

Fifth, we are flexible. The best ideas will emerge during the project. To our experience, it is often extremely costly to implement the ideas in a later stage. A small deviation from the plan is often the solution. Since we do not execute projects in a fixed-price fashion, we are as flexible as you want us to be.

Sixth, we are only using the most recent versions of products. Over the last few years product developments have accelerated at an unprecedented pace. Using older product versions will definitely reduce possibilities for state-of-the-art solutions. Moreover, using the most recent versions will prevent your new system from becoming obsolete the moment you start using it.

Seventh, we are a virtual company. We are using all that’s available in the market to run as any other company, but with only a fraction of the back-office costs. This will allow us in turn to charge reduced rates, while still maintaining our profitability margins. Like any other company we need profits to remain innovative and to stay ahead of our competition.

Finally, we require each project to be supervised by a principal consultant. Our principal consultants are the most experienced and the best you can possibly get in the field. They monitor your expectations, the progress of the project and the status of innovations.